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Newborn Baby Wishes
Baby congratulationsWhen a little boy or a little girl is born you may want to send newborn baby wishes to mum and dad. Here are some sayings for such congratulations. The parents are very proud and you should encourage them with these short texts which are suitable for cards amd text messages.
Kids Datum: 27.09.2013

3rd Birthday Gifts
gifts 3 year oldFunny and original gift ideas for the 3rd birthday of girls and boys. When you want to give something for the 3rd birthday of your grandchild, a befriended kid, your nephew or niche or other children getting 3 years old you may want to have a look at these nice gift ideas. There are small and bigger ideas so there should be one for every occasion.
Kids Datum: 13.11.2013

Gift Ideas for 4 year old Girls
Gift Ideas Girl 4thWhen you are looking for a nice gift for a 4 year old girl you may want to have a look at these gift ideas. There are small and big gifts for girls on their 4th birthday or christmas or any other occasion. These gift ideas are suitable for your niche or nephew, for befriended kids or for your grandchild. You don't have to spent much money to make an original gift.
Kids Datum: 20.12.2013

Gift Ideas for 5 year old boys
gift ideas boys 5 yearsWhat can you give to a 5 year old boy as a present? Here are some gift ideas for the 5th birthday of boys. These ideas are also suitable for christmas or any other occasion when you want to surprise him. There are small and big gifts for befriended kids, for your grandchild, your nephew or other little boys. You don't have to spend much money to make an original gift!
Kids Datum: 23.12.2013

Gift Ideas for 7 year old boys
t year boy giftsWhen a 7 year old boy expect a nice gift you should have an original idea to surprise him. Here are some gift ideas which are requested by boys frequently. You don't have to spend much money to make a great gift. Sometimes a good ideas is the most important part of a present. Here are some nice ideas.
Kids Datum: 12.01.2014

Congratulations for Grandchild
Congrats for GrandchildWhen a man or a woman are grandfather and grandmother now, you should send them congratulations for their grandchild. Here are some wordings and texts which are suitable for congratulation cards for the birth of their grandson or granddauhter. All these messages are free for personal use.
Kids Datum: 12.01.2014


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