Newborn Baby Wishes

new born baby wishesWhen a new baby is born you may want to send a nice congratulation message in a card or a SMS. Here are some wordings for such congratulations. All these texts are free for personal use for friends, work colleagues or relaitves with a newborn baby. Go to sayings

1Congratulations the baby is finally there. I wish you and the baby all the best and a great time together
2All the best to your new born child. The upbringing of a child is sometimes the biggest happiness and sometimes guerilla war.
3Congratulation to the birth of your child. I have always asked myself if the evolution really works, why where mums only given two hand
4Enjoy every single moment with your little baby and take as much pictures as possible within the first year. Pamper the little one and enjoy your family luck
5Now the shopping lists are going to get longer and the nights are getting much shorter but for all that you are getting 3500 gram of pure happiness. Congratulations to a successful birth
6People who say i have slept like a child certainly haven`t got any children. But these sleepless nights are worth it
7Congratulation to your baby. The only bad thing about a little one is that the mum is going to start singing now .
8As soon as you have got your own child you know who much love this little once have got for its parents. Always threat your child with respect. All the best
9Welcome the little angle with lots of love, fondness and understanding. You will get this feeling back double and triple
10All the best for the birth of your child. This little sunshine will bring lots of love, happiness and cuddles in your life
11Lots of luck and happiness with your little one. You can learn so much of a baby. For example who much patience you have actually got


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