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Good Luck for your Exams Wishes
Exams Good Luck wishesIf a friend, your child or another nice person has to pass a exam you may want to send him or her a good luck text message. Here are a couple of wordings for such messages. There are funny wishes and warm good luck texts. All these wordings and phrases are free.
Work & School Datum: 27.09.2013

Goodbye Messages for Colleague
Bye ByeWhen a nice work colleague is leaving the company or your department you may want to send a text message with wishes and greetings or the other colleague want to give a card with personal messages. Here are some phrases, sayings and wishes for work colleagues leaving. All these texts are free for you own personal use,
Work & School Datum: 29.09.2013

Promotion Wishes
Congratulations PromotionA promotion is a great opportunity for every work colleague, for a relative or a friend. You can send a text message with wishes for a promotion or congratulations for promotions at work. Here are some sayings and phrases, funny and sweet wishes for nice people facing a new work position.
Work & School Datum: 29.09.2013

35th Birthday Messages
35th birthday messagesWhat to write on a 35th birthday of a friend, work colleague or relative? Here you find a lot of 35th birthday messages and wishes for nice people. You may use these wordings in birthday cards and in SMS text messages if you want to send congratulations for the 35th birthday. All texts and templates are free for personal use.
Work & School Datum: 03.10.2013

Get Well Soon Wishes for Colleague
Get Well for ColleaguesFree wishes for get well soon text messages for a work colleague. If you have a nice colleague you might want to send a text message or a greeting cards once he or she is ill and cannot come to work. Here are some wordings for "get well soon" wishes for nice people at work.
Work & School Datum: 22.10.2013

1st Day at School Wishes
1st day at school wishesIf you want to send warm wishes and funny sayings on the first day of school of a boy or girl you may want to use these wishes and text messages. When a kid is going to school for the first time you should encourage him or her and say that it will be a great time at school. Here are the appropriate wordings for this.
Work & School Datum: 13.11.2013

Good Luck for New Job Messages
Wishes Luck New JobWhen a friend or a work colleagues has a new job you may want to send him or her good luck messages with your smartphone. Here are some good luck messages which are suitable for a new job or new position within the company. They might be used on WhatsApp and Facebook and in a text message send with your mobile phone as well.
Work & School Datum: 12.01.2014


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