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3rd Birthday Gift IdeasWhat can you get a boy or a girl for their 3rd birthday? Here you can find some real nice ideas which the little once will love. These ideas are for aunts and uncles, godfathers, grandma and granddad and even for the parents. Some presents are more for girls some more for boys. Go to gift ideas

1If the birthday of your child is right in the nice warm summer you can get a water toy. This is just great for the garden. You can build up your own little world and fill it up with water.
2For the 3rd birthday you can organize a nice day out. How about a day in a zoo. That’s a great present from his godfathers.
3Most kids will start their kindergarden at the age of 3. A nice kindergarden bag or a friendship book is a real nice present.
4Building blocks have been a favorite toy for so many years. Boys and girls love to build little turrets and even practice their finger activity
5Kids can learn how to swim very early. May be you can organize a swimming course for the little one.
6A great gift idea for a 3 year old boy is a paddle car or a excavator. Boys can play with them for hours and hours
7Every little girl loves horses, So a great present is a toy horse where you can actually sit on. Most of these horses even do some noice
8A nice small present for a three year old child is puzzle. Most kids will start solving these kind of problems at that age and have lots of fun doing it.
9At the age of 3 kids are able to play certain board games – either with their parents or with their friends. These games you will find at the toy stores
10A nice present for a three year old birthday is a cuddly toy. Every little girl loves them and just can not have enough of them

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