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Gift Ideas for 5 year old boys

Gifts for 5 year old boysWhat can you get a five year old boy for his birthday or for Christmas? Here you can find some ideas which makes it a little easier for the godfathers, grandma and grandpa or even the parents. You will find some small presents as well as some bigger once. A present does not have to be expensive all the time. Sometimes a little trip to a nice place is just the perfect present. Go to ideas

1A remote controlled car is a great present. Please do not pick a helicopter because the handling is quite difficult.
2A friend book is a nice little present. You can let every friend write into it and therefore you have got a nice memory.
3Is it close to start school? A satchel. A pencil case or a desk is a great and usefull present.
4A car race is a fantastic present and will certainly brighten up a boys eyes.
55 year old boys love jigsaw puzzles. A puzzle with 60 pieces is ideal for that age.
6May be the boy needs a new bike? At the age of 5 most kids get there second bike because the first one is just too small.
7At the age of 5 you can start playing parlor games. It can be the classic games like Mikado, memory or Ludo or even a modern game.
8Electronic learning toys are a great toy for a 5 year old boy. It can be a learning computer or another system which helps the kids to learn words.
9Does the boy love to play football? A real leather ball is another good idea for a 5 year old boy
10A paddle car is still a nice thing for a five year old boy. It optimizes the movement and makes a lot of fun .

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