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50th Birthday Wishes
50th BirthdayFunny text messages and wishes for the 50th birthday of men and women. When you work colleague is getting 50 years old or a friend is celebrating his 50th birthday you may want to send a message via mobile phone, facebook or in the traditional way using a birthday card. Here you find text messages for all these purposes. All texts and congratulations are free.
Birthday Datum: 31.08.2013

40th Birthday Messages
40th Birthday MessagesWhen you congratulate on the 40th birthday of your partner, friend or work colleague you need a funny or hearty messages. Here are wordings for 40th birthday messages and greetings which may be used for birthday cards and SMS text messages. The 40th birthday is a special occasion and you should choose a nice text to write into a message.
Birthday Datum: 31.08.2013

60th Birthday Wishes
60th Birthday WishesHappy 60th birthday congratulation messages for him and her. These wordings for 50th birthday greetings can be used for cards and text messages. You may also write an email or letter with happy 60th birthday greetings. All these texts are free for you personal use. There are also some funny 60th birthday sayings for friends and colleagues.
Birthday Datum: 31.08.2013

30th Birthday Messages
30th Birthday with LoveIf you want to send 30th birthday messages with love you may have a look at these texts and sayings for birthday cards and text messages. There are plenty of 40th birthday messages to choose. Users have the chance to vote for the best 30th birthday greetings. All wordings for birthdays are free for personal use.
Birthday Datum: 01.09.2013

3rd Birthday Wishes
3rd Birthday WishesIf you want to send congratulations on the 3rd birthday to a little girl or boy you may want to look at these birthday wishes for kids. 3 year old children cannot read so these wishes go through the parents to the little one. Here are a couple of 3rd birthday wishes which are suitable for children birthday cards and also for text messages to mom or dad.
Birthday Datum: 02.09.2013

6th Birthday wishes
6th Birthday WishesWhen you want to congratulate a boy or girl for the 6th birthday you need wordings for kids birthday cards or text messages. Here you find a couple of free 6th birthday wishes for kids which are child friendly. Most 6 year old boys and girls cannot read so these text are also targeted to the parents.
Birthday Datum: 05.09.2013

16th Birthday Wishes
16th Birthday WishesIf you want to send a birthday text messages to a friend or schoolmate, you may want to use these 16th birthday messages and congratulations. There are funny wishes and warm messages for nice girls and boys. All wordings and suitable for birthday cards and for facebook status texts.
Birthday Datum: 09.09.2013

13th Birthday Wishes
13th Birthday WishesFunny happy 13th birthday messages and free congratulation texts for birthday cards and SMS text messages. When a friend or relative is getting 13 years old you may want to send a nice text message with sweet congratulations. Here are a couple of wordings for such messages.
Birthday Datum: 09.09.2013

66th Birthday Wishes
66th Birthday WishesHappy and funny 66th birthday greetings for nice people. Wordings for 66th birthday cards for your grandparents or parents, for relatives or friends. You may use these text messages free of charge for your personal 66th birthday congratulations. Most of the phrases and funny and sweet.
Birthday Datum: 10.09.2013

4th Birthday Wishes
Happy 4th BirthdayWhen a kids is turning 4 yers old you should congratulate him or her with a children's birthday card. Here are some wishes and greetings for the 4th birthday of your niece or nephew, for your grandson or grnaddaughter, for friends and other kids. All these text and wordings a child friendly and free of charge. You can use the messages for your personal congratulations.
Birthday Datum: 20.09.2013


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