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Friendship Sayings
Friends SayingsText messages and sayings for friends. If you want to let your friend know that he or she is very important for you, you may find these sayings and phrases quite useful. There a text messages for SMS but also wisdoms and sayings about friendship which may be used in letters or greeting cards. All friendship sayings are free for personal use.
People Datum: 22.10.2013

Cheer Up Sayings
Be Happy WishesWhen you want to say "cheer up" to a friend or colleague or other nice people you may want to use these funny sayings and warm wishes, nice text messages and phrases. These short texts are suitable for facebook and other websites but also for letters and SMS. All these wordings a free for personal use.
People Datum: 13.11.2013

Inspirational Sayings to Make You Think
Messages to think aboutHere you find some sayings and quotes which make you think about your life or life in general, about success and failure and about the important things in the world. These are sayings written on inspirational background. You may change these on Facebook with just a mouseclick.
People Datum: 21.11.2013

False Friends Sayings
Sayings false friendsFalse friends are even worse then your enemies because they make you think you can trust them but they disappoint you and hurt your feelings. Here are some sayings and phrases about false friends and people which are not good for your. These texts are good to express your feelings in a text message, email or posting.
People Datum: 16.12.2013

French Love Quotes
French Love MessagesRomantic and sweet love quotes in French with english translation. You may use these quotes and messages to confess your love to your partner or another nice boy or girl. French i the language of love and so these messages will impress someone speakng French. The texts are suitable for WhatsApp or text messages, for facebook and for letters.
People Datum: 12.01.2014


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