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Gift Ideas for 7 year old boys

Gift Ideas 7 year old boyWhat can you get a boy at the age of 7? Here you can find some nice gift ideas for a birthday, Christmas or easter present. Every 7 year old boy wants to play. These ideas support the little ones learning and have fun as well. There are small and bigger ideas. You don't have to spend much for a nice and original present. Go to ideas

1At the age of 7 kids are able to read themselves. A book specially for that age is a great present.
2You could consider getting the boy a tablet for his 7. Birthday. Most of the kids will just love that present.
3A CD with a nice story is a great birthday present for a 7 year old boy.
4A remote controlled car is a fantastic present for a 7 year old boy. Lots of fun will bring the modern once which work at 2,4 GHZ
5May be the boy needs his own desk at his room, so that he has got a place to do his homework. That would be a nice and useful present.
6May the little boy need a new bike? At that age kids grow just so much and bikes are too small very quickly. Please let the child try out the bike and get youself some decent advice
7A car racetrack brings a simle to every 7 year old boys face. You should not buy the smallest and simples once you can get as they usually do not work very well. Racing tracks at a scale of 1:32 might be a little more expensive but work really good.
8A real nice present is a family trip to the zoo or to an amusement park. Every boy will be very happy with that.
9A day out at the cinema with tasty popcorn, a drink and an ice-cream will certainly bring a smile to the face of a 7 year old child.
10A nice Christmas or birthday present for cold days are some nice films on DVD or blue-Ray

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