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Gift Ideas for 4 year old Girls

Gifts for 4 year old girlsWhat can you get a four year old girl for her birthday or even for Christmas? Here you can find some great ideas for your granddaughter, your godchild, your daughter or a friend. There are some smaller and some bigger presents which will certainly bring a smile on to the little girls face. Go to gift ideas

1A nice jigsaw puzzle with around 50 pieces is a nice little present. Girls love them
2Does the birthday girl has a bike? At the age of 4 lots of kids learn how to ride a bike. This is a great idea.
3A new kindergarden bag is a nice thing. It should be in the favorite colour.
4You can get the little girl a friend book for the kindergarden. All her friends can write into it and she has a nice memory.
5Girls at the age of four just love to hear a nice good night story. A nice storybook is a nice little present.
6Kids just love to draw. A new set of pens and colours is a nice little present.
7A visit to the zoo with the entire family is great and a guarantee for a smile on her face.
8Even in these days little girls still love dolls. They love to copy their parents. Thatís why a nice doll is still a perfect present for a 4 year old girl.
9A great idea is a scooter. Most of the kids know these scooters from the kindergarden and know how to use them right. .
10All little girls love horses. You could take the little girl to a stable and she can ride a little pony. This is a trip she will never forget.

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