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3rd Birthday Wishes
Funny and sweet 3rd birthday wishes for boys and girls. If you want to send happy birthday greetings to a 3 year old kid you may use these texts for birthday cards or text messages. All these wordings are child friendly and can be used free of charge. They are suitable as 3rd birthday congratulations for you gandchild, for your nephew or niece or your godchild. All these messages and texts are free for you personal birthday sayings and phrases to kids.
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5th Birthday Wishes
Funny congratulations and cute wishes for the 5th birthday of boys and girls. These messages are useful for birthday cards and sms text messages. You may use them for your own children, for your niece or nephew, for befriended kids, for your grandchild or your godson or godchild. Most of the phrases are warm wishes but there are also some funny sayings for the 5th birthday.
Birthday->Children Wishes Entered on: 03.10.2013

11th Birthday Wishes
On the 11 birthday a sms is often being send to congratulate the birthday child. Here you can find some nice sayings free of charge. You can also use these sayings for birthday cards.
Birthday->Kids Wishes Entered on: 22.10.2013

3rd Birthday Gifts
What can you get a boy or a girl for their 3rd birthday? Here you can find some real nice ideas which the little once will love. These ideas are for aunts and uncles, godfathers, grandma and granddad and even for the parents. Some presents are more for girls some more for boys.
Kids->Gifts for Kids Entered on: 13.11.2013

7th Birthday Wishes
Happy 7th Birthday messages for girls and biys. When you want to send a SMS to congratulate a 7 year old boy or girl on his or her birthday you can use these wordings as a personal and unique text in a birthday card. You can use these funny and child friends wishes for text messages and facebook postings as well. All birthday texts and sayings are free for personal use.
Birthday->Kids Wishes Entered on: 23.11.2013

2nd Birthday Wishes
Happy 2nd birthday messages for little boys and girls suitable for birthday cards, text messages and other congratulations. You may send these messages to your granddaughter or grandson, to friends of your own child or to other 2 year old kids. All these birthday messages are free for personal use.
Birthday->Children Wishes Entered on: 04.12.2013

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