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5th Birthday Wishes

5th Birthday WishesFunny congratulations and cute wishes for the 5th birthday of boys and girls. These messages are useful for birthday cards and sms text messages. You may use them for your own children, for your niece or nephew, for befriended kids, for your grandchild or your godson or godchild. Most of the phrases are warm wishes but there are also some funny sayings for the 5th birthday. Go to sayings

1Congratulation on your 5th birthday. Now you are taller, cuter and cooler than the year before.
2I am wishing you all the best on your 5th Birthday my little princess. May all your wishes and dreams come true.
3On your 5th Birthday i am sending you 5 hugs, 5 kisses and a present. Congratulation
4Every little girl should get her own little pony at the age of 5 don`t you think mum and dad?
5Congratulation for yor 5th birthday. You are the sweetest little princess in the world.
6I am not sure if you will become a prima ballerina or a president but I know that you are the greatest girl in town. All the best wishes for your 5th Birthday.
7I do not know if you are going to be a doctor or a professional tennis player but I know that you are a real special boy. It is your 5th Birthday today and I am wishing you a fantastic day.
8The coolest boy in kindergarden is turningn 5 today. I am hoping, you will get all the presents you have asked for. All the best wishes.
9For your 5th birthday i wish you a big party, even bigger presents and lots of fun
10Every boy at the age of 5 should have his own dog. Now we only have to convice your parents.

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