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11th Birthday Wishes

11th Birthday WishesOn the 11 birthday a sms is often being send to congratulate the birthday child. Here you can find some nice sayings free of charge. You can also use these sayings for birthday cards. Go to sayings

1You are only turning 11 years old once so party along and have lots of fun
2On your 11th Birthday i want to let you know how proud i am. You are a fantastic boy!
3You are only 11 years old but you already know that you are a real special girl. You will go your way in life. All the best on your birthday.
4The 11th Birthday is the start to another journey. This trip will last 365 day. Enjoy it
5Congratulation to your 11th Birthday. May all your dreams and wishes come true.
6Congratulation on your 11th Birthday . I wish you lots of big presents and a great birthday party.
7I am sending my little princess lovley birthday wishes on your 11th Birthday. I hope you have a great day with all your friends.
8All the best on your 11th birthday. Can you blow out all 11 candles at once?
9I am sending you 11 cuddles on your 11th Birthday. May all your dreams come true
10The coolest boy at school is turning 11 years old today. I wish you lots of fun

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