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11th Birthday Wishes
11th Birthday SayingsFunny text messages and warm wishes for the 11th birthday of a friend, relative or other children. These birthday wishes are useful for text messages and emails, also for facebook and other websites. If you want to send congratulations to 11 year old boys or girls you should have a look at these nice texts.
Birthday->Kids Wishes Datum: 22.10.2013

7th Birthday Wishes
7th Birthday MessagesWhen you want to congratulate 7 year old girls or boys to her or his 7th birthday using a text message or a birthday card, you may want to have a look at these 7th birthday wishes. Here are some funny but children friendly wishes and texts for cards and text messages for friends, relatives and kids of friends. All these 7th birthday messages are free for personal use.
Birthday->Kids Wishes Datum: 23.11.2013

9th Birthday Wishes
Happy birthday 9 yearsText messages nd wishes on the 9th birthday of a boy or a girl for birthday congratulation cards or other greetings. Included are warm wishes and funny sayings which a kid-friendly. All these texts are free for your personal 9th birthday congratulations. They are suitable for grandparents, friends and relatives.
Birthday->Kids Wishes Datum: 12.12.2013

10th birthday wishes
happy 10th birthdayWhat to write into a card on the 10th birthday of a boy or a girl? Here are some sayings and phrases for 10 year old kids which are funny and child friendly. You may use the 10th birthday wishes in text messages, on facebook, in WhatsApp, on websites. All these birthday wishes are free for you personal use to send happy 10th birthday to boys and girls.
Birthday->Kids Wishes Datum: 23.12.2013

8th Birthday Wishes
8th birthday messagesWhen you want to send happy birthday greetings on the 8th birthday of a girl or a boy you may need proper wordings for birthday cards, text messages or facebook postings. Here you find some cute and warm, child friendly wishes which are suitable for girls and boys. All these birthday wishes and texts are free of charge for personal use.
Birthday->Kids Wishes Datum: 03.01.2014


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