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13th birthdayHappy and funny 13th birthday text messages for SMS and cards. Wordings for letters, birthday cards and other happy birthday greetings for 13 year old boys and girls. Here are a couple of wordings for relatives, friends, schoolmates and other nice people celebrating their 13th birthday. Go to sayings

1I wanted to send you something really fantastic and valuable on your 13th Birthday but it just won`t fit into a sms.
2I am sending you 13 hugs, 13 kisses and i wish you 13 big presents.
3You are no longer the cute little boy, instead of hat you are a young and clever man. Happy 13th Birthday.
4I hope that 13 is a lucky number for you and that you are going to have a fantastic year. Happy birthdayI
5Now you are not the cute little girl anymore. Instead of that you are a young, pretty woman. All the best to you on your 13th Birthday.
6All the best for your 13th Birthday. From today onwards you can call yourself a teenager. Now you are soo close to be grown up.
7Birthdays are good for your. Statistic show that human celebrating a lot of birthdays live longer. All the best on your 13th Birthday.
8You only turn 13 once in your life time. Thatís why you deserve the biggest party in your entire life. Happy birthday.
9Happy 13th birthday. I hope that all your dreams and wishes come true.
10I wish you a great party and lots of presents on your 13th Birthday. All the best.

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