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55th Birthday MessagesBirthday wishes for the 55th birthday and sms text for the parents, colleagues, brother or sister and friends. You can find some funny claims as well as warm hearted sayings. All sayings are free of charge. Nice and warm 55th Birthday messages and some funny sayings suitable for WhatsApp and Facebook. You may also use these short texts to send congratulations using a text emssage or a birthday cards. These wishes are suitable for friends and colleagues, for a man and a woman. Go to sayings

1As a true friend i have remembered you birthday and i am sending you lovely wishes. As a true friend i have forgoten you age.
2Congratulation to your 55th birthday. I wish you all the luck of the world, healthiness, success and good friends.
3I am sending you 55 hugs and a big kiss on your 55th birthday
4Once the candles don`t really fit on to the birthday cake anymore you realize you are turning old. It is getting really tide with 55 candles on top or?
5I just can`t believe you are turning 55 today you do not look any older than 54
655 years and still so cool congratulation
7If you have enough breath to blow out all the candles on your birthday cake you are not really old yet. All the best wishes for your 55th birthday
8It took you 55 years to become as perfect as you are now. Congratulaton to that great result.
9All the best on your 55th birthday. Is someone calls you old now, just throw your third teeth at him and hit him with your walking stick.
10Congratulations on your 55th birthday.May all your dreams come true and please have a great birthday.
11The 55th birthday is the start of a 365 day trip of the earth around the sun. Relax and enjoy the trip
12Life starts with 66 years but you can have a great party at 55.

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