50th Birthday Wishes

50th Birthday MessagesFunny sayings and sweet congratulations for the 50th birthday of friends, relatives and work cooleagues. You may use these congratulation texts for 50th birthday cards and for SMS text messages. Some of these wishes make you think, some make you laugh. All these texts are free for personal use. You can use them to send 50th birthday wishes to your father or mother, brother or sister are other nice people getting 50 years old. Go to sayings

1I wish you all the best on your 50th birthday. May all your dreams come true, all your aims will be fulfilled and may a friend always be there for you when you need one. Happy birthday.
2Sweet congratulations on your 50th Birthday. If anyone says you are getting old, hit him with your walking stick and throw your teeth after him!
3Happy 50th Birthday. It is so good to be funny, attractive, cool and cure. Can you still remember?
4Happy Birthday! I could hardly believe you are 50 years old now. You look just like 49, not a single day older!
5Hopefully you will have lots of fun on your birthday and start celebrating every single one of them. Wishing all the best for your 50th birthday.
6For your 50th Birthday I send you greetings and a hug. I hope you get many great gifts and have a great day!
7I hope that you get one special gift for each candle on your birthday cake. So you get 50 nice surprises.
8No, you are not 50. You are just 42 years with 8 years experience!
9Happy 50th Birthday! May all you wishes come true and you get alls the fantastic gifts you desire!
10Don't worry about getting 50 - have a look at the good side. Getting 50 is better than getting 60!
11Wishing you a happy, joyful and prosperous 50th birthday!
12May your 50th birthday be filled with funy, sunshine and smiles, joy, laughter and love.
13As a gentleman of good education, I naturally thought of your birthday. However, I've forgotten your age - it was 41 or 42 years?

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