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70th Birthday Wishes

70th Birthday WishesThese Happy 70th birthday wishes can be used for the classic birthday card or be send as a sms text messages. These sayings are for grandma and granddad, friends or other relatives. All text and sayings are free of charge. You may send them to grandparents, to your father oder aunt, uncle or other older people getting 70 years old. Go to sayings

1I want to use your 70th birthday to let you know you are the coolest granddad in town. Happy birthday.
2I am sending the loveliest grandma a big kiss on her 70th birthday.
3I am sending you lovely greetings on your 70th birthday and 70 hugs and a big kiss. Happy birthday.
4It took you 70 years to become as perfect as that. Congratulations for the great result.
5Birthdays are good for you scientific investigations have shown that people who celebrate lots of birthdays are older than others. Happy 70th birthday.
6The secret of never ending youth is eat healthy, go to bed early and lay about your age. Happy 70th birthday.
7May you get all the gifts you deserve on your 70th birthday. Have fun!
8I can`t believe it you are 70 today You do not look any older than 69 .
9If there is not enough space for all the candles on your birthday cake you slowly realize you are getting old. You need a big cake for these 70 candles don`t you.
10Happy 79th birthday. May all your dreams come true next year.

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