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40th Birthday Messages
Messages and congratulations for the 40th birthday of a friend, work colleague, your brother or sister or other birthday persons. These 40th birthday sayings are funny or sweet. You may write these texts into a SMS text message or a 40th birthday card. All wishes are free for personal use.
Birthday->Wishes Entered on: 31.08.2013


6th Birthday wishes
Happy 6th birthday wishes for boys and girls. These congratulations are suitable for birthday cards and for text messages. There are funny sayings and phrases and child friendly sweet wishes for 6 year old children. All wordings and texts on this website are free for personal use.
Birthday->Children Wishes Entered on: 05.09.2013

4th Birthday Wishes
Happy and funny 4th birthday messages for kids. If your nephew or your niece, your grandchild or children of friends and relatives are getting 4 year old you may want to use the messages to send sweet congratulations. These wordings are suitable for children's 4th birthday cards and text messages, for letters and emails. 4 year old children cannot read so these texts are for the parents which read the congratulations.
Birthday->Children Wishes Entered on: 20.09.2013

Silver Anniversary Wishes
Funny messages and warm wishes for the 25th wedding anniversary which is also called the silver anniversary. Here are a couple of texts which are suitable for silver wedding greeting cards or for text messages. All these templates and phrases are free for personal use. You can send them to colleagues, relatives or friends being married for 25 years.
Wedding Anniversary->Silver Anniversary Entered on: 27.09.2013

Funny Retirement Wishes
Funny and warm hearted sayings for the retirement of your colleagues, your friends or your partner. If you want to wish a lovely person all the best for his retirement you will certainly find a nice claim here. You can use them for a sms or a nice card. All claims are free of charge.
Work & School Entered on: 23.10.2013

7th Birthday Wishes
Happy 7th Birthday messages for girls and biys. When you want to send a SMS to congratulate a 7 year old boy or girl on his or her birthday you can use these wordings as a personal and unique text in a birthday card. You can use these funny and child friends wishes for text messages and facebook postings as well. All birthday texts and sayings are free for personal use.
Birthday->Kids Wishes Entered on: 23.11.2013

Housewarming Wishes
You should send some sweet house warming wishes to friends moving into a new house or home. Here are some wordings , sayings and phrases for greetings cards, for Facebook or WhatsApp messages, for emails or text messages. You can use these texts to wish good lukc in the new home and send congratulations for the nice house.
Events->New House Entered on: 28.12.2013

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