Silver Anniversary

Silver Anniversary Wishes

Silver Anniversary WishesFunny messages and warm wishes for the 25th wedding anniversary which is also called the silver anniversary. Here are a couple of texts which are suitable for silver wedding greeting cards or for text messages. All these templates and phrases are free for personal use. You can send them to colleagues, relatives or friends being married for 25 years. Go to sayings

1Congratulation to your silver wedding. We wish the lucky couple that all your dreams and wishes come true until your golden wedding.
2If love is a exiting dream the marriage is a chastening alarm clock. I wish you 2 all the best for the next 25 years.
3Your love is like a circle never ending. I am sending you all the best wishes for your silver wedding.
4The silver wedding day is a nice occasion to look back on the fantastic moments of the last years and look at the dreams for the upcoming years.
5On your silver wedding day i wish you the the upcoming years will be just as happy as the last 25 years.
6On your 25th wedding anniversary I wish you a fantastic party with your family and a great second wedding trip.
7For a successfull wedding he has got to keep his mouth shut and his wallet wide open. All the best for your silver wedding.
8When god brought you together he has certainly shown his sense of humor . Congratulation to your silver wedding.
9Every man sees a second mother in his wife and every woman sees her first child in her husband. All the best for your silver wedding day.
10The success of a fulfilled wedding will always stay a secret or have you found it after 25 years


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