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60th Birthday Wishes
Sweet and nice happy 60th birthday sayings and wordings for birthday cards. You may use these wordings for congratulations on the 60th birthday of your friend, work colleague, of your father or mother, granddad or grandma, aunt or uncle or any other people getting 60 years old.
Birthday->Wishes Entered on: 31.08.2013


Goodbye Messages for Colleague
Funny and inspirational, cute and nice goodbye messages for colleagues leaving the company or your department. You may use these goodbye sayings and wishes for cards or for sms text messages. If all colleague want to send a goodbye greeting cards everybody can sign and you can write these personal words into the card. All the texts are free for your personal use.
Work & School->Greetings Entered on: 29.09.2013

Christmas Wishes for Colleagues
Nice christmas wishes for your work colleagues and other business contacts. If you want tot send cute wishes or funny sayings using a text message, email, letter or greeting card you may want to use these short phrases and texts to wish a merry christmas and a happy new year.

Christmas->Christmas Greetings Entered on: 23.10.2013

Christmas Wishes for Coworkers
You stay with your coworkers many hours every day so you should send some christmas wishes to the work coworkers you like. Here are some wordings and wishes for text messages and christmas greeting cards. There are funny sayings and sweet wishes which you may use free of charge.
Christmas->Christmas Wishes Entered on: 13.12.2013

WhatsApp New Year Messages
On New Year you send good luck messages and wishes to friends, relatives and work colleagues. Here are some funny sayings, sweet phrases and quotes to wish a happy new year using the popular WhatsApp messanger for your smartphone. All these happy new year greetings are free for personal use.
Events->New Year Entered on: 28.12.2013

55th Birthday Wishes
Birthday wishes for the 55th birthday and sms text for the parents, colleagues, brother or sister and friends. You can find some funny claims as well as warm hearted sayings. All sayings are free of charge.
Nice and warm 55th Birthday messages and some funny sayings suitable for WhatsApp and Facebook. You may also use these short texts to send congratulations using a text emssage or a birthday cards. These wishes are suitable for friends and colleagues, for a man and a woman.
Birthday->Senior Wishes Entered on: 12.01.2014

Good Luck for New Job Messages
You can use this sayings to wish friends and colleagues lots of luck at their new job. They can be send as a sms text message, or by facebook or as an email. All sayings and text are free of charge. Nowadays WhatsApp is used quite often by smartphone owners. You may use these wishes using WhatsApp as well.
Work & School->Wishes Entered on: 12.01.2014

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