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Goodbye Messages for Colleague
Bye ByeWhen a nice work colleague is leaving the company or your department you may want to send a text message with wishes and greetings or the other colleague want to give a card with personal messages. Here are some phrases, sayings and wishes for work colleagues leaving. All these texts are free for you own personal use,
Work & School->Greetings Datum: 29.09.2013

Get Well Soon Wishes for Colleague
Get Well for ColleaguesFree wishes for get well soon text messages for a work colleague. If you have a nice colleague you might want to send a text message or a greeting cards once he or she is ill and cannot come to work. Here are some wordings for "get well soon" wishes for nice people at work.
Work & School->Greetings Datum: 22.10.2013

1st Day at School Wishes
1st day at school wishesIf you want to send warm wishes and funny sayings on the first day of school of a boy or girl you may want to use these wishes and text messages. When a kid is going to school for the first time you should encourage him or her and say that it will be a great time at school. Here are the appropriate wordings for this.
Work & School->Greetings Datum: 13.11.2013


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