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Business New Year Wishes
Corporate Newyear WishesFree of charge new year wishes for business partners and contacts suitable for greeting cards and emails, letters and other wishes for the new year. These texts are quite formal and can be used to send new year wishes to company and its management and also to sales people, consultants, suppliers.The corporate new year wishes are great to remind the partner of the good relationship with your company.
Events->New Year Datum: 08.12.2013

Happy New Year Facebook Messages
Happy New Year picsIf you want to send your friends and contacts a happy new year message you might want to use these pictures to send online wishes. You can share these greetings with just a mouse click on Facebook and Google Plus. All the happy new year wishes are free for personal use.
Events->New Year Datum: 11.12.2013

Corporate New Year Wishes
Business Partners New Year WishesIf you want to send new year wishes to a business partner, you may want to have a look at these corporate new year wishes. There are messages for comapnies and their management and employees which are suitable for greeting cards, letters and emails containing new year wishes. This way you can wish a business partner much success in the next year.
Events->New Year Datum: 22.12.2013

New year wishes for Employees
Happy new year for coworkersHow can I send happy new year wishes to my employees and coworkers? Here are some wordings for emails and letters, greetings cards and text messages for this special occasion. There are funny new year phrases and warm inspirational sayings for the new year. All these texts are free for your personal use in your company.
Events->New Year Datum: 23.12.2013

WhatsApp New Year Messages
Happy New Year MessagesWhatsApp is the most popular messanger for smartphones. You can send Happy New Year messages to friends and colleagues using this great App. Here are wordings for such messages which are funny and inspirational, warm and sweet and are suitable for wishing good luck for the next year to nice people. All these wishes and messages are free for your personal use.
Events->New Year Datum: 28.12.2013

New Year Messages for best friend
New Year MEssage for best friendHow can you send new year wishes to your best friend by SMS with WhatsApp, on Facebook or with a greeting card? Here are some warm New Year messages which are suitable for such nice new year wishes. There are also some funny New Year's sayings. All texts and sayings on this site are free for personal use.
Events->New Year Datum: 28.12.2013

New Year Wishes for Friends
New Year SayingsWhen you would like to wish a friend of yours a Happy New Year you may send warm greetings and funny sayings on New Year's Eve with your smartphone via SMS or WhatsApp or online using Facebook, Twitter or you send a classic greeting card in the mail or via email. These new year wishes for friends are suitable for all these purposes.
Events->New Year Datum: 28.12.2013


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