1st Day at School Wishes

1st day at schoolThe enrollment is a very special occasion for the kids. These nice claims can be used to wish them all the best on this day. You can write them in a card, send them via sms or even post them on facebook. These wishes and claims are free of charge for your own private use. Go to sayings

1I am so proud of my little princess. You are at school now. I wish you all the luck in the world.
2The school starts and you will learn a lot. You will meet lots of new friends and have great fun. Congratulations!
3Congratulation to your enrollment. You are the a great boy. You will manage school very easily.
4You learn for life and not for the school. But you will have lots of fun at school
5Now school starts and you are so close to being a big girl. Hey on christmas you can read. Lots of fun at school
6You will find out that school is lots of fun. You will learn great things and meet new friends. I wish you all the best for this special day
7For the first class i wish you lots of success and lots of new friends.
8Congratulation to the enrollment of the girl with the nicest satchel in the world. I hope your mum has bought you lots of nice things
9Congratulation for your enrollment. I hope you will get lots of sweets and great things. Have lots of fun on your first day at school
10You are the most clever little girl I have ever met. You will not have any problems at school. All the best for this special day

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