Get Well Soon Wishes for Colleague

Get Well SoonWho to let your colleagues know to get well real soon? These free of charge sayings can be used in a sms or an email. To make your colleagues to feel better real quickly. They might be a little nasty sometimes but never mean. Go to sayings

1The entire apartment is sending you all the best wishes. Please get will soon.
2I wish you a quick and fully recovery. We are looking forward to seeing you real quick again..
3I think you are only pretending but all the others think I should say “get well soon”.
4The entire firm is thinking about you and hopes you get well real soon. Who is supposed to do all the work here.
5Get better real soon. The entire aparmtment is missing you already .

6Take you time and get healthy again. We want to count on you for a long time.
7I hope you will get better real soon. May be it helps a little if you know that all your colleagues are thinking about you.
8The office is really empty without you – come back real soon and cheer up our lifes.
9We are missing a nice and capable colleague. So come back real soon.

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