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Cheer Up!How can you cheer up a friend? These sms can help you do just that. Give them a little faith or even make them realize life is not as bad as it might seems. These cheering up claims can be used in a letter but are perfect for a nice sms. Go to sayings

1If you want to be happy connect the happiness with aims and not with persons or things
2Smile before you got to bed Every day starts with a new chance
3Even i fit is difficult at the moment, it will all end up good. Keep your head up
4The biggest hurdle on your way to the finish line is the fear of failure
5Success ist he capabillity to stumble from one mistake to the next without loosing your enthusiasm
6It doesnt need a lot to be happy. It is all up to you. Just you have the strength to make yourself happy
7A defeat means the end to a lot of people, its inspiring to others to reach new aims. Which group do you want to belong to
8Behind every rain cloud the sun is shining and after every storm it will be quiet. So do not let yourself be put down.
9A happy person is noboy in a certain situation but it is someone with the right attitude
10Wins and defeats are no oppositions. They are partners in the daily fight for life
11Just imagine how great it would be to lose everything and than manage to get everything back. So look at it as a competition

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