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40th Birthday Messages
Messages and congratulations for the 40th birthday of a friend, work colleague, your brother or sister or other birthday persons. These 40th birthday sayings are funny or sweet. You may write these texts into a SMS text message or a 40th birthday card. All wishes are free for personal use.
Birthday->Wishes Entered on: 31.08.2013


Business New Year Wishes
If you want to send happy new year wishes to business contacts like suppliers, spread and sales people or to other corporate contacts you may want to have a look at the new year wishes. They are formal and useful in business contacts. You may use them for letters, emails or cards.
Events->New Year Entered on: 08.12.2013

Corporate New Year Wishes
Here you can find some business new years sayings. Wish your business partners a happy new year and all the best wishes for the year coming up. These sayings are suistable for cards, letters or emails. These are new year sayings for customers, supplier and other business partners.
Events->New Year Entered on: 22.12.2013

French Love Quotes
How can you confess to your loved one your love in French language? Here are some French love sayings and quotes which are mostly romantic, sometimes melancholic. All messages and wisdom for love in French are accompanied by a English translation, so you also understand what you write, if you do not speak the language.
People->Partner Entered on: 12.01.2014

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