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66th Birthday Wishes
Funny 66th Birthday sayings and phrases and sweet and warm wishes for people getting 66 years old. When you want to send a birthday cards to your grandmom or granddad or other relatives you need a great unique coingratulation message. Here are a couple of examples for nice 66th birthday wishes. You can use the texts also for text messages and emails.
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Diamond Anniversary Wishes
If you want to send some wishes for the 60th wedding anniversary then you may use these wordings and wishes for anniversary cards. The 60th anniversary is also called the diamond wedding anniversary and is for a married couple a great occasion. Here are some sweet and warm wishes, some funny sayings ans phrases for the diamond anniversary.
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9th Birthday Wishes
When you want to send warm 9th birthday messages to a boy or a girl you may want to have a look at the happy birthday greetings and wishes. There are funny kid friendly birrthday congratulations for your Grandson or Granddaughter, for a friend of your child. You can write these sayings in a text message or leave a personal message in a birthday card. All the 9th birthday sayings are free for personal use.
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