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Diamond Wedding AnniversaryIf you want to send some wishes for the 60th wedding anniversary then you may use these wordings and wishes for anniversary cards. The 60th anniversary is also called the diamond wedding anniversary and is for a married couple a great occasion. Here are some sweet and warm wishes, some funny sayings ans phrases for the diamond anniversary. Go to sayings

1All the best on your 60. Wedding day. I hope you two will have a lot more years to come
2On your diamond wedding anniversary I wish you all the best. May all your dreams come true. Or have you fulfilled all your dreams already?
3He is the boss and she lets him believe it thats the real secret behind a successful marriage which lasts 60 years already.
4I am sending you 60 hugs for your diamond wedding. May lots of years full of luck, healthiness and happiness will follow.
5The secret for a long and happy marriage seems to be lifted because you two have been married for 60 years now. All the best for your diamond wedding.
6You got married 60 years ago and the party is still going on. All the best for your diamond wedding.
7All the best wishes for this special anniversary. Your love seems to be as solid as a diamond
8We wish this lucky couple lots of health, luck and success on your 60. Wedding Anniversary.
9I wish you all the best on your 60. Wedding anniversary. If I get married I hope for such a successful marriage as you have had it for the past 60 years.

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