Anniversary Wishes

1st Anniversary Wishes

1st Wedding Anniversary WishesFree 1st wedding anniversary wishes and quotes for freshly married couples. You may write these sayings and wishes into a congratulation card. You may also write the wishes into a text messages. They are suitable for frieds, relatives, work colleagues and other nice couples being married for just one year. All the congratulations and wordings for anniversary cards are free for personal use. Go to sayings

1May all your dreams, hopes and wishes come true. All the best wishes for your first wedding anniversary
2Two hearts and one soul, that the perfect description of a happy couple. Congratulation to your first wedding anniversary.
3The first wedding annivesary is a great occasion to plan a great adventure together. I wish you lots of fun for that
4May all your dreams and expectations come true. I wish you an exiting wedding anniversary.
5I wish you another 50 years of hamone and love for your first wedding anniversary. All the best wishes.
6The secret of a successful wedding has still not been lifted. But you two will certainly be the first one to find it out. All the best wishes for your first wedding anniversary
7The first wedding anniversary is the first step stone on a way to a happy family. Congratulatios.
8All the best wishes on your first wedding anniversary. I think you should start planning a family after this year.
9The first wedding anniversary is a real special occasion because you have proven that you can manage your life together.
10It is so nice to have found the one person in your life you want to annoy for the rest of your life. Congratulation to your first wedding anniversary.
11A great yippihhh on the couple madly in love. After the first year you must still be in heaven or?
12In a successful wedding he should be the boss and she just lets him believe right that.

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