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10th Wedding Anniversary Wishes

10th wedding anniversaryBest wishes for the rose wedding day for a greeting card or even an sms. If a married couple has managed the first 10 years it is certainly time for a nice wish. These wishes can be used by work colleagues, friends or family. The 10th wedding anniversary is a special for most couples. Sending a Facebook or WhatsApp message, are greeting cards or at least an email is a good idea. Go to sayings

1A marriage is a state where your luck is very closed attached to the luck of your partner. May you two be happy for a very long time. All the best for your 10. Wedding day.
2Congratulations to your 10th weddings anniversary. May all your dreams and wishes come true within the next few years
3The wedding day is an opportunity. Which shares the happiness of now, remembers the past and looks toward the future. Congratualtion to your 10. Wedding day.
4All the best wishes to your rose wedding. May god protect you in the future and gives you even more love and happiness.
5Two hearts beeting together for the past 10 years. I am sendig you lovely wishes.
6It is so nice to find the one person you want to annoy for the rest of your life. May all your dreams come true and all the best for your 10th Wedding day.
7Your wedding is 10 years ago now and you are still madly in love. Contratulations.
810 years of ups and downs but always at your partners side. That achievement is certainly worth a real special rose wedding greeting.
9I am sending you lovely wishes to your rose wedding. Have lots of more fantastic years together.
10To be really loved by your partner gives you strength. To really love someone gives you braveness. Congratulation to your rose wedding day.
11It is my honor to congratulate to loving people to their 10. Wedding anniversary. I wish you a live full of love and luck
12The secret of a successfull wedding is that she lets him believe he ist he boss in the house.

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